687 (B&B) 

672 (Cottage)

Big Farm Road


Cape Breton Island

Nova Scotia, Canada 

***** Please read our directions below as we DO NOT recommend taking the route google maps will send you along *****

    Take Exit 9 - NINE - for Baddeck but instead of going into the village, go left onto the overpass into the country of Big Baddeck and continue going straight after the overpass staying on the Old Margaree Rd. After driving the two minutes/4 kms from Baddeck's overpass take a left onto Big Farm Road *(if you come to a one way bridge you have just missed our road). We are 2kms of driving through forest and fields from there, don't feel discouraged because all of the sudden - bam! - the view pops open overlooking the Baddeck River Valley and a beautiful portion of Cape Breton Highlands including Crowdis Mountain & Hunters Mountain.

 *If you're staying at our B&B we are the second last house on the road, on your left, with a HUGE anchor in the lawn, #687

 *If you are staying at our cottage it is the second last driveway on your right, #672, heading right down to the riverbank. 

*****about 10 minutes prior to reaching our Exit 9 turn off google maps will try to take you a different route. It will tell you to take a left off the highway at The Red Barn Gift Shop/onto The Cabot Trail, then take you onto the Old Margaree Rd from its other end. It is less distance but way more time down a secondary road; a long winding bumpy dirt road. Only if you're seeking adventure and have the time and daylight is it recommended. Once you hit pavement, take a right over the single lane bridge then in roughly 30 seconds of driving turn right onto Big Farm Road. *****